How to use a discount voucher

How to use a discount voucher

WinSMS discount vouchers

To use a discount voucher you need to enter the voucher code in the buy credits procedure in the WinSMS Client Zone. Terms and conditions apply and will be supplied to you on the issue of a discount voucher code.

Orders older than 14 days will automatically be cancelled.

A discount voucher code can be used in our 1-Click payment system.

The WinSMS Client Zone

Click here to go to the WinSMS Client Zone and log in with your WinSMS username and password. Click on the “Buy Credits” button.


Under step 1 click on the drop down by “Payment Method” then choose your payment method.


Under step 2 enter your amount of credits you want to buy under “Enter Quantity” Enter a valid discount voucher code under "Voucher Code" You will see your total discount under "Discount Amount"

If you enter an invalid code you will see "Invalid Code" under "Discount Amount" and no discount will be applied to your purchase.

If your payment method is Credit/Debit card or SID Instant EFT then click on "Proceed to Checkout" and follow the payment instructions. If your payment method is EFT/Cash Deposit then click on "Create Order" and use the banking details and reference number on the proforma invoice. 

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