How to bypass the WASPA Do No Contact list

How to bypass the WASPA Do No Contact list

The WASPA DNC (Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association Do Not Contact) list, is a list of South African cell phone numbers that have registered on WASPA’s DNC list in order not to receive direct marketing messages. Please click here for more information on the WASPA DNC list.

All WinSMS accounts will not be able to send messages to any numbers on this WASPA DNC list by default. Please follow the instructions below to bypass this list.

Bypassing The WASPA DNC List

Login to the WinSMS Client Zone here: and login with your WinSMS username and password. (If you have forgotten your WinSMS credentials then please use the password recovery page)
Click on the “My Profile” button.

Click on the “Bypass WASPA DNC List” button on the “Basic Settings” Tab.

You have to agree to the terms then you can click on “BYPASS WASPA DNC”
The WASPA Code of Conduct can be found here:
The WASPA DNC Rules con be found here:

Click on the 'OK' button to save your changes. 

Click on the 'OK' button. 

Click on the 'OK' button. 

Congratulations, you have successfully bypassed the WASPA DNC list.

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