How do I create templates for messages I send over and over?

How do I create templates for messages I send over and over?

With the WinSMS desktop client, you can create templates for messages that you use frequently and simply insert them instead of retyping them over and over. 
WinSMS templates feature

WinSMS desktop client - Creating templates

Open the WinSMS desktop client.


Click on "File" then "Preferences"


Click on the "Templates" tab


Click on the "Add" button.


Type your template in the Add Templates text box.

Then click "OK"


Click on "OK" again.

Congratulations, you have just created a template.

WinSMS desktop client - Using templates

Now that we added a template let us use this template to send a message. It is recommended that you send yourself the message first just for testing purposes. Select your recipients you wish to send the template to. Above where you type your message click on the template button.

Select your template you wish to insert on click on "OK"

Click on the send button. Congratulations, you have just sent your template as a message. 

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